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 Sailing clubs ASPOR and AOM were founded in 1993.

Taking advantage of a new athletic law the two clubs were merged together in 2000, creating therefore a substantial club both in terms of participation numbers and sailing activity for the area of Mesogeia.

IOPOR has grown since then to become the biggest sailing club in Greece in terms of number of athletes, boats used (optimist, laser, 4.20, 4.70, 49er), and one of the biggest in terms of infrastructure i.e. offices, boat storage space, changing rooms etc.

Due to this success the Greek Sailing Federation (E.I.O.) nominated IOPOR as the organising club for the Optimist Nationals in 1999 and the 4.20 Nationals in 2001 (in memory of Periklis Empirikos).

IOPOR athletes in numerous occasions qualified for the national team for the classes of Optimist, Laser ,4.70, 49er and 4.20.

Here below are some of the places achieved over the past years by IOPOR athletes:


10th 1998   Optimist European Championship N. Loumpas
4th 1999   Laser Balkan Championship K. Mitropoulos
1st Lago Di Garda International Optimist Regatta N. Loumpas
3rd 2000   4,20 Nationals L. Beis - N. Loumpas
3rd 2001   4,20 Nationals L. Beis - N. Loumpas
6th 2001   4,20 Worlds - Italy L. Beis - N. Loumpas
3rd 2002   4,70 Athens International Regatta F.Rizos - L.Beis
3rd 2002    Laser Radial Nationals E. Kofina
1st 2003    Laser Radial Nationals E. Kofina
4th 2002    Optimist Nationals B. Tsokaras
2nd 2003    4,70 Mediterranean Cup L. Beis - D. Polito
5th 2005    Optimist Balkan Championship N. Papagiannakou
4th 2005    Optimist Nationals team racing team IOPOR
3rd 2006    Optimist Nationals cup F. Bakatsias
4th 2006    Optimist Nationals cup I. Andreou
3rd 2006 Optimist Nationals M.-N. Papagiannakou
2nd 2006   4,20 Nationals Koutsoygera(notk)-Kofina  E
4th 2006 Optimist Nationals Bakatsias A.
1th 2006    Optimist Nationals team racing team IOPOR
2rd 2006    4.70 Balkan Championship Koutsoygera(notk)-Kofina  E
1st 2005    Optimist Balkan Championship M.-N. Papagiannakou
4th 2006 Optimist Europe optical team racing team
4th 2006   4,20 Worlds - Spain Koutsoygera(notk)-Kofina  E
4th 2006 Optimist Greek championship Mpakatsias A.
1st 2006 Optimist Greek championship team racing TEAM IOPOR
1st 2007 Laser 4.7 Greek championship M.Petouri
6th 2007 Optimist Europe championship A. Mpakatsias
1st 2007 Optimist Greek championship team racing TEAM IOPOR
6th 2007 Optimist Worlds A.Tsimpoukelis
8th 2007 Optimist Worlds A. Mpakatsias
1st 2007 Optimist Worldsteam racing 2 athl . of  IOPOR in GR nation team
2nd 2007 NM 4.20 Greek championship Bassis K-I Orphanos
1st 2007 Optimist Balkan F. Mpakatsias
4th 2007 Optimist Euro cup TEAM IOPOR
1, 2, 3 2008 Optimist Eubean boys  
1,2 2008 Optimist Eubean girls  
1 2008 Optimist Greek championship I. Andreou
2 2008 Optimist Greek championship T.R. TEAM IOPOR
3 2008 Optimist Balkan Championship Rouman I. Andreou
6 2008 Optimist European Cup T.R. TEAM IOPOR
1 &1 2008  Optimist  international  Italy  Malcesine and Arco V. Bei
1 2008 4,20 Greek championship Mpakatsia - Mpakatsias
2 2008 4,20 Greek championship Tsimpoykelis- Karonis
1st 2008 4,20 Greek championship Papagiannakou-Fragiadaki (NOTK)
9  -10 2008 4,20 Worlds Mpakatsias Tr. & An.- Tsimpoykelis -Karonis, Orfanos- Stavrou(NOR)
1st 2009 4,20 Greek r.l. Papagiannakou-Fragiadaki (NOTK)
1,2,3 2009  optimist  Regional Eubean boys IOPOR
1,2,3 2009  optimist Regional Eubean girls IOPOR
1,2,3 2009  laser 4. 7  Regional Eubean boys IOPOR
4th 2009 Laser 4.7 Greek championship Nikolakis K.

The secret of such progress is the 230 athletes from the area of Mesogia that sail on a regular basis with the support of IOPOR. However, IOPOR could not perform such a service without the following sponsors which of course we thank them for their endless encouragement and support in the past and of course for their more intensive encouragement and support in the future.

  • Municipality of Markopoulo (the Mayor and the entire Municipal Council)
  • 3E coca-cola (David - D. Karonis)
  • Electronet (K. Beis)
  • D. Metheniti
  • Afoi Stavrou
  • I. Dino and Bougiouris
  • Gliati & Papanargyrou Ltd.
  • Nikolakis P.-Kl.
  • Bartzis D. & M.
  • G. Mamouri
  • D.. Tziotaki
  • E. Bassi
  • Kofina Family
  • Gounemporiki (particularly T. and V. Makridis)
  • V. Kourtaki and the MARKO association.
  • Mr. Kavasakalis and G. Mella
  • Daremas K. & M.
  • Our member friend and chairman of (PEN) G. Chalas








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